Garish colours, outlandish monsters, life-and-death struggles with criss-crossing laser beam fire. Motohiro Hayakawa’s action-packed scenes portray distant galaxies of 70s-inspired kitsch, imagined narratives that read like invitations to grab your stun gun and jump into battle.

The Japanese artist — whose work has recently been acquired by Colección SOLO — is a member of the Tokyo Illustrators Society and has exhibited in Japan and Europe. His comic book, LASERBEAM, was published in 2013.

Hayakawa’s witty sci-fi adventures join a growing number of works by Japanese artists at Colección SOLO. And he’s not alone among Colección SOLO talents in having a soft spot for comic style. Canadians Gary Taxali and Ryan Heshka draw on vintage cartoons, while Spanish pop surrealist Sergio Mora published the comic adventure Typical Spanglish in 2013, featuring his water-jug superhero Botijoman. Diverse approaches but always original, irreverent and amusing: comic-style fun at Colección SOLO!