Sergio Mora

Spain’s leading pop surrealist, Sergio Mora conjures magical worlds populated with voluptuous figures, circus-like characters and witty cultural references.
Born in Barcelona, where he still lives and works, Mora studied at Llotja School of Art and Design before embarking on a career in illustration.

His work has been extensively used for album covers, advertising, magazines and children’s books.

A self-defined “child of the TV generation,” Mora cites influences ranging from the Pink Panther to La Chapelle, from Mark Ryder to the Mexican Day of the Dead.

His pieces often reference Spanish stereotypes, like bullfighters or legs of ham, mixed with characters from popular culture, such as ET or Dr. Spock. Mora’s original creations include the comic-book superhero, Botijomán, the intergalactic water jug.

In 2011 Mora’s artwork appeared in the 25th La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, and has been featured in gallery shows in Spain, Italy, UK and the USA.