Yoko D'Holbachie
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“I’ve been imagining strange creatures ever since I was a child,” explains Yoko D’Holbachie. And in her artwork these imaginings take shape: weird and wonderful beings populate her vividly appealing, yet quietly disconcerting creations.

D’Holbachie was born in Yokohama, Japan
and studied at Tama Art
University in Tokyo before embarking on a career in design. Over a ten-year period, she worked for advertising agencies, publishers, video games companies and the entertainment industry: her poster art and characters appear in The Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion (2004, Chronicle Books) and Pictoplasma 2: Contemporary Character Design (2003 Gestalten Verlag).

In her fine arts production, D’Holbachie employs tentacle-like shapes, stripes, dappled patterns and asymmetric eyes to portray her “imaginary friends.” She explores “the impact of mixing colours like spices,” creating psychedelic dreamlands and outlandish figures that seem to draw on elements of Kawaii, Anime, Pop Art and Surrealism. Butterflies and birds take on symbolic roles, while Japanese myths and legends provide inspiration.

Since 2005, D’Holbachie has participated in numerous group shows, and has held solo exhibitions in Japan, USA, France and the UK.