A private museum to house our collection

Colección SOLO is an international collection of contemporary art housed at Espacio SOLO, a private museum located in Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid. It is a project created by Ana Gervás and David Cantolla, aimed at contributing to develop the art and artists of our times.

The circular, labyrinth-like structure of Espacio SOLO is an invitation to lose one’s way, to gradually discover each different room and enjoy what’s happening inside. The artworks, always visible, merge with the space itself, transporting visitors to worlds they have never before experienced.

An international collection, with artists from 28 countries.
A global collection, rooted in the present..
Public access to contemporary art is central to Colección SOLO’s approach

The collection is based in Madrid, housed in a 1400m2 private museum opened in 2018. Designed by the internationally renowned architect, Juan Herreros.

Espacio SOLO is conceived as a work of art in itself, a fitting addition to the city’s “golden mile of art” and within walking distance from the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums. Espacio SOLO received the Madrid College of Architects Award 2018.

Aside from the permanent collection, this space will host an ongoing programme of temporary exhibitions and arts-related events.

Further afield, Colección SOLO has already worked with institutions in USA, UK and Spain to make pieces from the collection available for public viewing, and will continue to develop its programme of loans and collaborations in the future.

Unlimited access is provided by this website, where the full Colección SOLO is available to view, together with biographical information on each artist. A virtual treasure trove of contemporary art, open to all.

Colección SOLO Residence - Madrid
Colección SOLO Residence - Cantabria

Colección SOLO is driven by creativity. It is not only a showcase of contemporary art but an incubator of artistic expression, genuinely committed to supporting today’s emerging artists on their creative journey into the future.


Through its exhibitions spaces, loans programme and website, Colección SOLO maximises the visibility of its artists, while a programme of commissioned works encourages up-and-coming talents to take on new creative challenges. Residencies are also provided at two locations: Colección SOLO Residence Madrid, in the heart of the Spanish capital, and Colección SOLO Residence Cantabria, on the northern coast.