A Mediterranean paradise, a haven of hippy culture, the international mecca for house music fans… Ibiza’s not exactly short on appeal. And every summer, thanks to Bloop International Proactive Art Festival, it becomes a hub of contemporary creativity too.

Founded in 2011, Bloop brings together top-notch players from around the globe for a summertime celebration of street art, installation, video mappings, performances and interactive works. Each edition focuses on a specific theme, with artists and audiences invited to reflect on issues that shape our everyday. Past festivals have centred on control, arrogance or parallel universes, while 2016 addresses the impact of fear on modern society. “Institutions and organisations harness fear to lead the population to think, act and purchase as they wish. So is it fear that unites us as a society? Or resistance towards these fears?”

Responses can be found across the island, in a range of media and by over 20 guest artists. Among them is Colección SOLO duo, Interesni Kazki. The Ukrainian pair have participated in Bloop since its beginnings and their wall mural Sea Creatures (2011) was the first piece in the festival’s permanent Open Air Gallery Collection. Aleksei Bordusov (a.k.a AEC Interesni Kazki) was back in 2012, with the multi-storey mural Appearance, and this year will be taking on the challenge of NO FEAR.

Bloop International Proactive Art Festival
Ibiza, various locations, until 16 August.