Colección SOLO is delighted to announce the acquisition of a brand new piece by LA-based Austrian-Irish artist, Mercedes Helnwein. Pink Kid and TV is an oil pastel work on paper, combining Mercedes’ trademark retro feel, character-led approach and wry suggestive narratives.

As the artist herself explains, her works are essentially stories, invitations for the observer to venture their own interpretations: “the whole point of an artwork is to have it leave the artist and arrive with an audience. It never arrives the same way. Every person experiences it differently.”

And Mercedes knows a thing or two about that. She grew up in one of the most artistic environments imaginable, the eldest daughter of world-renowned artist Gottfried Helnwein. Among the most significant figures of his generation, Gottfried Helnwein has work in leading international collections including the Smithsonian, Washington and the Russian State Museum. His Dark Mouse also forms part of Colección SOLO, soon to share exhibition space with Mercedes Helnwein’s Pink Kid and TV.