Dustin Yellin News

Best known for his layered-glass sculptures, Colección SOLO artist Dustin Yellin has taken time out from collage this month to trial Google’s new virtual reality drawing tool, Tilt Brush.

The Brooklyn-based artist says that he was “literally jumping up and down” at the chance to check out the technology, which allows users to create shapes and forms in three dimensions with colour and light. The experience is more akin to sculpting than painting, which is perhaps why Yellin was a natural choice as one of Google’s artistic collaborators. Jeff Koons was also on the select list of creative talents who got exclusive advance access to Tilt Brush.

Yellin’s usual practice involves painstakingly collecting, cutting and assembling thousands of physical components to create large-scale sculptures. One such piece is Psychogeography Study 79, which forms part of Colección SOLO.

According to Yellin, Google’s Tilt Brush gave him a “totally different” experience, enabling him to journey inside his hugely complex works. And he’s open to exploring the whole range of opportunities this VR technology brings; as he explained to the New York Times “as this evolves, I might be able to scan pieces of collage and maybe video and things like that…this is going to get bananas.”