Díaz-Faes Series

Ceramics, skate decks and found wooden planks from a derelict factory. The artist Juan Díaz-Faes brings his trademark geometries to all of these materials in the Díaz-Faes new series, Oxetos, a collection of unique artworks and limited edition pieces designed “to sneak into our homes.”

Oxetos Faes, launched after being exhibited during the International Brief Festival at Conde Duque, Madrid (Spain), is a new line of exploration for this artist who already has a lengthy track record in graphic works, illustration, murals and rural art.

In the whole series, black becomes the star of the show, takes physical form through different geometrical shapes, merges with materials and creates a story filled with tales and characters. It is a story expressed through objects, created to share and accompany us in our homes. Figures, skate decks, masks and up-cycled wood; an invitation to delve into the artwork of Juan Díaz-Faes.

More about Black FaesMore info at Juan Díaz-Faes site.

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