6·Forest is composed by a group of friends who have worked together for many years in projects related to art, animation, illustration and the design of the characters, that’s why we have decided to embark together on this endeavour, doing what we love most: making Art Toys and giving life to the amazing creations of the artist who work with us.

We create Art Toys thanks to the collaboration of international artists and illustrators, carefully selected for their unique style and originality, always manufactured with the best quality and care in each of the different processes of production, guaranteeing an excellent result for every Art Toy made. Regardless of the different styles, all of the art toys are created with a great deal of effort, dedication, and above all, a lot of passion and commitment for what we do.

The manufacturing process is 100% handmade, from the ensemble of the models to make the reproductions, the sanding and polishing of each individual replica, to the painting process and the production of the packaging.

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