Mu Pan and Other Beasts

Mu Pan and Other Beasts is the first museum retrospective of the Brooklyn-based artist, Mu Pan, curated by Colección SOLO and held at Espacio SOLO, Madrid, in 2019.

Acid observer and storyteller extraordinaire, Mu Pan is a crucial new figure in contemporary painting. His large scale acrylics, packed with action and detail, reflect the information overload of our present-day and display an unparalleled ability to blend disparate cultural references.

This exhibition brings together over 20 pieces by this rising talent in visual narrative, shown alongside Japanese woodblock prints including works by the ukiyo-e master, Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

It also showcases other contemporary artists such as Dustin Yellin, Dan Hernandez and Motohiro Hayakawa, who share common ground with Mu Pan. Since the exhibition opened on 26 April 2019, response to Mu Pan and Other Beasts has been overwhelming with guided tours fully booked as soon as they are made available.

Beyond this date, and as part of our mission to actively support contemporary art, Colección SOLO is keen to bring Mu Pan’s artwork to a wider audience. Mu Pan and Other Beasts is already a successful exhibition concept and we are open to new partnership proposals from museums and arts institutions.

Watch the trailer for Mu Pan and Other Beasts here. 

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