Spoilt Kingdom at Galerie Celal is the first solo presentation in Paris by British artist Jon Fox. Through nine brand new paintings and the same number of drawings, Fox reflects on modern-day ills and proposes nature as a restorer of balance.

In characteristically intricate style, Fox portrays solitary, rootless beings who find physical and spiritual wellbeing by reconnecting with nature. This philosophy is clearly reflected in the works on show: his characters take the form of trees, rocks and fire, while earthy tones now predominate in Fox’s previously strident colour palette.

Existential angst is nothing new in Fox’s artwork, as evidenced by the six pieces that form part of Colección SOLO. Pool and Simple Complexity, for example, show classical scholars facing intellectual or moral dilemmas, while When the Chips are Down packs hard-hitting social critique.

Dynamic forms, masterly use of colour and pertinent reflections combine to make Fox’s work both engaging and relevant, with Spoilt Kingdom the ideal opportunity to observe this up-and-coming artist’s most recent creations.

Until 18 June at Galerie Celal, 45, Rue Saint Honoré, Paris.