Victor Bengtsson
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Nature serves as inspiration and subject matter for the Danish artist, Victor Bengtsson. In a digital age, his bucolic narratives are celebrations of flora and fauna, imagined fairy tales in which humans and animals surrender to their natural surroundings.

Born in Copenhagen, Bengtsson studied fine arts at the Vera School of Art and Design and at Krabbesholm Højskole before finally opting to train as a doctor. The changing seasons in his home country of Denmark, particularly the fleeting northern summers and wintertime melancholy for warmth, underlie his interest in depicting our relationship with nature.

The Pre-Raphaelites are a clear influence on Bengtsson, whose sinuous forms plant forms and elongated figures also recall the aesthetics of Art Nouveau. His work draws on the idyllic scenes of Danish Golden Age painting too, while the poetry of Morten Nielsen provides not only inspiration but also the titles for many of Bengtsson’s creations. Elegant forms and subdued colour characterise the work of this young artist, who uses thin layers of undissolved oil paint on untreated jute or canvas to achieve an earthy effect.

Bengtsson’s dreamlike images have been featured in Art Maze Magazine and he was selected to participate in the Den Frie Artists’ Autumn Exhibition in 2020.