Sebastien Feraut / Niark1
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Wolf-like hybrids or oversized insects against saturated backdrops brimming with colour. As Niark1 explains, his is “a kind of surrealist universe with crazy and weird creatures.”

Born in Paris, where he still lives and works, Niark1 studied arts and visual communications before embarking on a professional career in web design. He later decided to go freelance as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist and now combines commercial projects for music festivals, clothing brands and advertising agencies with his personal artwork.

The artist cites a range of influences from 80s horror through to Francis Bacon, from constructivism to David Lynch. His paintings are populated by skulls, ominous eyes and monsters, untamed by layers of minute detail and psychotropic shades.

Niark1’s creations have been featured in specialist publications such as Computer Art or Belio and have been used in the French newspapers Le Monde and La Tribune. Since his first solo exhibition in 2010, his artwork has been shown in France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Italy and the USA.