Miju Lee
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Miju Lee’s interest is centered on human emotions. In order to present the moods that interest her, she reflects scenes from her dreams, these subjective and fanciful scenes, spun into more ordinary scenes, therefore allowing her to capture ephemeral moments.

Her artistic career began as a useful tool to present her work as a designer. As she focused even more on her artistic expression she did not leave behind this sense of tool, as it is through various choices in her work, such as unbalanced proportions, that allow her to create depth, even adding a certain uneasiness to the scene.

Her particular interest in faces stems from her idea that they hold the stories of every human being. The expressions she portrays at first glance may seem apathetic and indifferent, however, after extensive observation they begin to show subtleties that mark a difference between faces and their feelings.

In addition, she finds interest in another type of stories, those that arise from objects, following her idea of the “jupjup”, as these accumulated objects and the process of selection are what generate new pretexts to represent in her work.