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MSCHF is an artistic collective based in Brooklyn, New York. Ten people belonging to different disciplines, such as developers, designers or artists are part of the team. With an artistic production that ranges from custom sneakers, social media channels, AI-generated foot images to browser plugins, this conceptual collective works with the goal of exposing and profiting from the absurdity of the actual cultural, political and economic system.

This group operates performatively, provoking a widespread public response from within the environments it critiques. MSCHF represents the subversion of the corporate structure itself, seeking to defy those spheres with which it comes into contact.

Their production structure is based on launching a new product every two weeks. One of the hallmarks of their personal brand is advertising their products via text message. Despite their limited advertising, MSCHF usually sells out of their products in a matter of minutes, due to their viral marketing strategy and their limited stock.