Kim Booker
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Her semi-autobiographical work is characterized by the female body as a form of expression, referring to the psychology of female experiences and emotions.

Booker shows erotic images referring to the human form, not to the classical representation of the female, but to a fragmented and desexualised one, which can be called “the anti-Venus”, as she experiments with the idea of beauty.

She follows a visceral, felt and intuitive process. She seeks for her works to be something for themselves, not to be dictated by a predetermined final idea. Experience and process predominate over product.

The creation of her large canvases begins with an abstract idea of color and form, which evolves as the paint and emotions take over, generating dynamic strokes and atmospheres. She treats her body as an extension of the painting instruments, thus shaping the work with her psyche, not just her feelings, such as the reach of her arm, which adds dramatism to her use of acrylic paint.

She is not afraid to erase already captured images or superimpose them, creating a dialogue between what her work is and what it could be during the process, leaving what was in the form of a trace on her final canvas. She relegates precision in her drawings, as she intends them to be full of life and authenticity.