Jordan Kasey
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Everyday life takes on a monumental feel in Jordan Kasey’s large-scale oil paintings. Her voluptuous, anonymous figures engage in mundane activities, enjoy quiet moments of calm and dissolve into one with their surroundings. As the artist explains, “We are porous, breathing, absorbent; my work deals with what this implies regarding our interactions with elements of landscape and other people.”

Kasey sets out from rough sketch work, allowing her images to gradually develop on canvas. Avoiding portraiture or narrative, she confronts the viewer with characters devoid of identity, gender or skin texture, bringing subtle yet shared human experiences under the microscope.

Currently based in New York, Kasey received her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008, and received an Individual Artist Award for Painting from Maryland State Arts Council in 2010 and 2013. Aside from drawings and oils, her practise encompasses set design and wall murals; her work features at the Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore.

Since her first solo show in 2012, Kasey has hosted individual presentations in Miami and New York, and participated in group shows in the USA and UK.