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Keen observation, street-inspired energy and thoughtful visual language characterise the Spanish artist, Grip Face. He adapts to different media — from indoor projects, such as works on paper, books or gallery installations, to outdoor interventions including large-scale murals — meditating on our everyday with an attractive blend of colour, abstraction and clearly recognisable forms.

Grip Face started drawing as a child. He was attracted to the graffiti, street signs and architecture of his neighbourhood and was soon experimenting with different art forms. By his early teens he was customising friends’ skateboard grips; the nickname “Grip Face” became his pseudonym.

An eclectic mix of interests and influences feed into Grip Face’s projects. Comics, personal introspection and the urban landscape all play a part, while faces, hair and hands are recurring motifs. In Doors Without a Destination, abandoned doorways received colourful makeovers; years later, they were purposely eliminated. Black Faces sees the artist’s musings on the human condition translated into a range of portraits, while murals such as Gestos Post Catarsis or European Bathers address racism and immigration.

Although he often deals with social concerns, Grip Face does not see himself as a political artist. His creations are “a reflection of what I see around me,” he explains. Outdoors, these reflections can be viewed in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Naples and the Q21 Museums Quarter in Vienna. Grip Face has also exhibited in prestigious gallery spaces including the Ses Voltes Centre for Contemporary Art, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Finland and the Fundación Miró in Mallorca. He was commissioned to create a site-specific work for Espacio SOLO in 2018.