Ulyss3s SOLO, the experimental artistic project fostered by Colección SOLO presented its new video animation “The War of the Worlds” last 4th of November at Espacio SOLO. The project, conceived as a visual narrative and produced with generative AI tools, uses the binary logic of war as an encounter point to reflect on the cultural tendencies of self-defence, as well as fascination of the unknown.


“Every organism, in its essence, is programmed to compete, often at the expense of others, The struggle for resources and survival can seem like a desire for mutual obliteration.”

Chat GPT-4


“The War of the Worlds” is a 14 minute-length animation which acts simultaneously as a speculative narration about the confrontation between species, warfare and the development of techno-natural hybrids and their possibilities of existence within the logics in which they are produced, as well as an exercise in thought and experimentation with AI tools and the lack of certainty that goes with them. 



“Artificial Intelligence is not immune to this human fascination, fear and hatred, benign seen as a promising lifesaver, but also as a potential seed for unimaginable disasters.”

Ulyss3s SOLO

As well as the presentation of the video, Espacio SOLO hosted a panel discussion moderated by Oscar Hormigos, Chief Creative Office of Colección SOLO and with interventions of the filmmaker and visual artist Chino Moya, Rachel Falconer from Goldsmiths University and Frederic Guerrero-Solé from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.