SOLO AI AWARD is dedicated to exploring the intersection of contemporary creative practices and artificial intelligence through a global competition focusing on digital and new media art. The award has provided opportunities to artists dedicated to examining the potential of these new tools, focusing on visual and narrative aspects. The prize, running since 2022, awards 10,000 euros and several exhibitions to an artist selected from 10 Spotlight artists.

In 2023, the initial edition of these awards took place. The German artist Lars Nagler, with his work The Garden Of, was selected from numerous candidates and was awarded 10,000 euros. Also the winner artwork was displayed in Protection No Longer Assured exhibition at Espacio SOLO.

In 2024, Colección SOLO aims to recognize and reward the quality, proposal, and narrative in moving image artworks created with AI, with a special interest in proposals with non-traditional storytelling. The winning piece will be awarded 10,000 euros, also being exhibited at Goldsmiths Univesity, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, SONAR +D and Espacio SOLO museum in Madrid (Spain) . The prize will be awarded at a special event on 10 May  in London.

In 2024 SOLO AI AWARD collaborates with Goldsmiths University, Artnet, University Pompeu Fabra and Google Arts&Culture.

Find out more on the SOLO AI Award website