Juan Díaz-Faes, Ryan Heshka and Sergio Mora team up with Spanish fine jewellery firm, Joyería Suarez, to produce Silver Squad, a collection of 14 pieces crafted in sterling silver, infused with pop-culture energy and vintage chic. Silver Squad reflects the aim of Colección SOLO and Joyería Suarez to support contemporary creativity by inviting artists to explore new formats.

In these exclusive designs for Silver Squad, each of the three artists delves into their creative universe to evoke love and the things that spark our passion. The jewellery collection is crafted in sterling silver, produced to the exacting standards that characterise Suarez and with attention to every detail from design, manufacture and finish.

This project emerges from the common goal of Colección SOLO and Suarez to create a collection designed by contemporary artists and involved close collaboration between the jewellery firm’s creative team and the artists involved. With Silver Squad, their artwork is expressed through jewellery for the first time.

Femmes fatales

The Canadian artist Ryan Heshka has distilled all the elegance of his retro-futurist style into five pieces, including different necklaces and a ring. Heshka’s jewellery recovers iconic figures and trademark motifs from his work. Femmes fatales, dreamscapes or vampire universes characterise the art of Ryan Heshka, who draws on the aesthetics of B-series movies and pulp comics for inspiration and has illustrated magazines such as Vanity Fair, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Esquire and The New York Times, among others.

In Silver Squad, the vintage glamour typical of his work, which is also evident in his design for the collection’s logo, is expressed in sterling silver and the round-cut black spinels which feature in three of his creations.

Pop surrealist

Sergio Mora, one of Spain’s leading pop surrealists, tackles true love in Silver Squad through a range of dream-like images symbolising infinity or distant realms.

 Winner of a Latin Grammy for his artwork with the Spanish band, Love of Lesbian, and featured among the 100 best illustrators in the world by The Illustrator, Mora invites us to wear small-scale sculptures of a mermaid, seahorse or his trademark depiction of Saturn, crafted in sterling silver and set with round-cut topaz in London Blue.



Sea salt and love

Salt water, effort, sunsets, passion and laughs. Juan Díaz-Faes talks love by drawing on one of his favourite, most romantic inspirations: endless days of surf or skate. The artist, who hosts his first major exhibition in Paris this month, brings his trademark patterns and geometric shapes to this contemporary jewellery collection.

Designed exclusively for this series, these classic geometries reflect the artist’s characteristic style translated into jewellery, endless stories brimming with optimism and passion for the things we love. For Silver Squad, Díaz-Faes has created three necklaces, a ring and a bracelet produced using the tubogas technique, which strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, allowing it to adapt perfectly to every wrist.

Limited by SOLO

The Silver Squad Collection joins a number of other artworks which make up Limited by SOLO. In line with SOLO’s mission to spotlight and support creativity, this project aims to bring the work of different artists beyond the confines of museums, encouraging audiences to acquire and share their works through expertly crafted limited edition pieces.

Limited by SOLO, which features artwork by Mario Klingemann, Tim Biskup, Mu Pan and Grip Face, among others, is an invitation to share, promote and support international contemporary art.   Both established figures and emerging talents participate in this initiative, designing exclusive pieces which aim to fuel interest in contemporary artwork and spark a passion for collecting. Quality artworks, painstakingly produced, which will stand the test of time.

Each limited edition or unique work is the result of a painstaking production process involving close collaboration with the artists themselves, along with prestigious workshops and professionals, using only the best-quality materials.

Silver Squad joins Limited by SOLO as wearable art, adding to the selection of unique works, limited edition prints and sculptures by Heshka, Díaz-Faes and Mora already available.  

Discover all the Silver Squad Collection here.