Santiago Cancino
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Santiago Cancino (Santiago 1981). Graduated in Plastic Arts at the University of Chile, 2006. Degree in Engraving at the University of Chile, 2008. Director of Serigraphy, Lithography and Hard Water Printing Area of the Ars-Lucis Printmaking Workshop, Santiago, 2008. Obtained the Ca.Sa. Prize with the series “Graso” awarded by the Ca.Sa. foundation in the framework of the ArtLima Contemporary Art Fair, Lima, 2017. Winner of the Artespacio Joven BBVA award, with the piece No. 5 series “Fosa” awarded by Arte Espacio Gallery and El Banco BBVA, Santiago, 2017. He is the author of the work “Paso “intervention for public use in the Bulnes Bridge, Santiago, 2018. Cacino is co-director of the Espacio y Laboratorio de Arte Contemporaneo Independiente Sagrada Mercan- cía 2015 – 2019, Santiago Centro, Chile.

Santiago/ develops his work from his graphic knowledge, a modality that characterizes his methods and procedures applied to drawing techniques, engravings, ceramic painting, electrical installations and sound. His work research process is initially articulated on paper and metal plates, his current displacement has been devoted to the research and construction of volumetric objects in various materials. His professional development has been inscribed as an editorial advisor in collaborative editions of Engraving, parallel to it, he also studies educational pedagogy, the experimental insertion of graphic techniques in large format in various ages, 2008. He currently participates in the space Sagrada Mercancía, 2014, collective to which he joins as Curatorial Co-director and Director of the Graphic Area, 2015 to date.