Jonathan Queen
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Exquisite rendering and skilful use of light characterise Jonathan Queen’s beautifully intriguing narrative oil paintings.

After first studying at Eastern Kentucky University, Queen completed his BFA at the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning before moving into illustration, portraiture and mural painting. Since 2003, he has concentrated primarily on gallery work, with his still-lifes featured in numerous group exhibitions and private collections.

In 2012, Queen created a 15m x 27m trompe l’oeil mural for the corporate headquarters of Kroger’s supermarket chain. He was also commissioned to paint the 16 central panels for the Carol Ann Carousel, part of a Cincinnati parks project opened in 2015.

Vintage objects, everyday articles and elements of nature come together in Queen’s small-scale creations. Combining props, swapping heads or sculpting new features, the artist uses visual elements to drive meaning. As he explains, “toys in the right setting become complex characters with a deeper story to tell.”