Illan Argüello
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This Spanish artist works with a style that combines a virtuous technique and a rich narrative message. His works develop a geometric figuration with buildings in the style of Italian fascist architecture, in turn indebted to Russian constructivism, the Bauhaus school and German expressionist cinema. Although his work has certain surrealist elements, it differs from surrealism in that his creations are logical and disturbingly coherent.

His work explores man’s connection to nature, particularly in the city, which he considers a second nature constructed by man. He also works with landscapes and buildings that have geometric figures. His worlds seem to exist on their own and the elements make sense on their own. Although his work has sometimes been included in the group of neo-metaphysicists, the artist does not identify himself as such. Among his influences we find the work of artists such as de Chirico or the literary work of H.P. Lovecraft.

This artist has exhibited in several international and national fairs and biennials, including ARCO and Scope. His work can also be found in both public and private collections.