Breza Cecchini
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With a visual language full of expressionist and surrealist influences that intermingle with scenes from the real world and everyday life, this Asturian artist focuses her creation on telling stories from the inside out. We find landscapes that play with the tensions between memories, the oneiric, fiction and the artist’s own reality that generate a magical atmosphere through a naif visual style that brings together countless references to her personal life.

Coming from a family of horsemen and with a childhood marked by horseback riding, we see countless images of horses throughout her plastic work that speak to us of both her memories and her current life. In the same way, the wolf is also a crucial element in her work, one of the images through which she expresses her emotions.

Graduated in sculpture and engraving at the School of Art of Oviedo and trained in painting at the studio of José Luis Pantaleón and at Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, this artist has exhibited in Asturias individually and collectively in galleries such as Espacio Líquido, Texu, Dos Ajolotes, Gloria Heldmound, and in centers such as Laboral Art Center or the Barjola Museum in Gijón.