SOLO AI AWARD is dedicated to exploring the intersection of contemporary creative practices and artificial intelligence through a global competition focusing on digital and new media art.

In 2024 celebrates its second edition in collaboration with Goldsmiths University and Google Arts&Culture.

SOLO AI AWARD celebrates a new edition focused on the recognition of quality, innovation and narrative in moving image AI artworks. The prize, which is endowed with 10,000 euros and various exhibitions, will be awarded on 10 May in London.

The prize is fostered by Colección SOLO, with the support of Goldsmiths University and Google Arts & Culture.

This edition, Colección SOLO aims to recognize and reward the quality, proposal, and narrative in moving image artworks created with AI, with a special interest in proposals with non-traditional storytelling.

The winning piece will be awarded 10,000 euros, also being exhibited at Espacio SOLO museum in Madrid (Spain) as well as in other collaborating institutions. The prize will be awarded at a special event on 10 May 2024 at Goldsmiths University (London).

The jury of the SOLO AI ’24 AWARD will be made up of renowned professionals from artistic and academic institutions, as well as leading figures from fields and institutions linked to creativity, innovation and narrative.

Their mission will be to recognise the quality, innovation and narrative of the winning piece of the 2024 edition of the awards.

How to aply?

The Open Call for the SOLO AI ’24 AWARD will be open until 24 February 2024 23:59 (CEST). Individuals and collectives are eligible to submit a maximum of 2 pieces through the following form.

The call will only accept moving image digital artworks in which the intervention of AI as an artistic tool is relevant to the creative process of the artist, whether producing text, image, or audio, and included in the resultant output.

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