“Sincerely Victor Pike”. Gregor Petrikovič (2024)

Colección SOLO, announced the winner of our second edition of the prestigious SOLO AI Award. This award highlights artworks made with artificial intelligence (AI), and this year’s winner is Gregor Petrikovič’s “Sincerely Victor Pike,” chosen from 372 artists. The ceremony was held yesterday at Goldsmiths University in London. It included the announcement of the winner and an exhibition of finalist works along with expert talks on art and AI.

Petrikovič’s winning piece “Sincerely Victor Pike” is a captivating 12-minute video. It blends AI visuals with voice recordings to explore technology and human memory deeply. The story revolves around Victor Pike. His tale is told through various voices and movements which come together to form a vivid picture. These elements create stories about people who never met but still exist in Victor Pike’s memory. “Sincerely Victor Pike” draws from a rich collection of audio recordings that Petrikovič has gathered since 2016. These recordings capture chats with friends, partners and acquaintances creating a distinct soundscape. Petrikovič used AI to turn the recordings into text to link sound and visuals. The final script consisted of hundreds of pages. It served as the base for the AI-generated visuals. This approach showcases Petrikovič’s innovative use of AI as a creative partner in turning written memories into captivating visuals.

“Sincerely Victor Pike”. Gregor Petrikovič (2024)

Reframing the Perception of AI

“I’ve been creating an audio archive of recordings for several years,” Petrikovič explains, “always hoping I would be able to one day sit down and listen back to the hundreds of hours of conversations.” He calls AI a “creative ally” that helps turn written memories into images. The artwork explores how fragile human memory is and how we rebuild it with technology. Petrikovič challenges the idea that AI is cold and detached. He shows its potential to create new ways to see and hear things. “Winning this award means a lot,” Petrikovič says. “This film is a significant contribution to the discourse on technology and art, demonstrating the possibilities of AI in contemporary art practice from a more human perspective, focusing on memory and community.”

The artwork digs into the human experience. It looks at the fragility of memory and how technology rebuilds it. “Sincerely Victor Pike” does more than just show memory. Petrikovic challenges the usual view of AI as a cold and emotionless tool. He shows how it creates new ways to see and experience the visuals and sounds. The artwork urges viewers to rethink their memories and connection with archives. It shows how AI serves as a strong tool for artistic expression and nurturing human bonds.

A Celebration of Artistic Innovation

“Winning this award means a lot,” Petrikovič said. It lets me share a personal story with a wider audience. It underscores the potential of AI as a constructive tool, encouraging others to reframe their own memories and their relationship with archives.”

Oscar Hormigos from Colección SOLO shared similar thoughts. He said that “Sincerely Victor Pike” shows the artist’s personal journey and philosophical search. It highlights how AI can transform images into memories while capturing human spontaneity and unity. This film is a significant contribution to the discourse on technology and art, demonstrating the possibilities of AI in contemporary art practice from a more human perspective, focusing on memory and community.

A Showcase of Diverse Talent

The SOLO AI Award ceremony celebrated Petrikovič’s outstanding achievement and showcased other skilled artists working with AI. The shortlisted finalists had their works on display during the ceremony.

  • Ana Esteve Reig’s “Lucky Images” (2024) examined the power of images and AI’s ability to simulate good luck phenomena.
  • Evita Manji showcased “Waluigi’s Purgatory” (2024), a live 3D theatre event featuring an engaging audiovisual story. It dives into the journey of an AI stuck in purgatory.
  • Fuse *’s “Onirica” (2023) was an AV setup that explored how AI can expressively interpret human behavior as well as social and natural events. 

The ceremony highlighted creations by Inès Sieulle; Vadim Epstein and Ivan Pavlov; Wanrong Zhu; Y7 (Hannah Cobb and Declan Colquitt); Yuqing Liu; and Ziyao Lin. AI’s diverse creations highlight many artistic possibilities.

“Sincerely Victor Pike”. Gregor Petrikovič (2024)

The Future of AI in Art

The SOLO AI Award recognizes and promotes excellence in AI-driven art. Celebrating projects like “Sincerely Victor Pike” and showcasing diverse artists’ talents pave the way for AI’s growing role in art.


The SOLO AI Award is sponsored by Colección, Goldsmiths University, Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), Artnet, and Google Arts & Culture. It recognizes excellence and innovation in artworks created using AI.

“Sincerely Victor Pike”. Gregor Petrikovič (2024)