Tobias Bradford
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Experimenting with animated sculptural installations, Bradford is able to create semi-autonomous objects by incorporating mechanical engineering, robotics, illusionism and the use of puppetry, which all together forge an unsettling reality.

It appeals to our notion of self-sufficiency by trapping objects that seem autonomous with their decisions in a looping action or moment. It reflects the absurdity of a repeated word, or a repeated act without progress.

Bradford’s work makes us observe our daily movements as something unfamiliar to us, as they are dissociated from what they commonly present. It speaks of autonomy and the self.

Playing with the concept of time, which he describes as fragile and bizarre, he creates hybrids mixing what’s alive with what isn’t (the artificial and the eternal).
Tackling the idea of the organic machine vs the artificial.
This detachments of the body becomes caricatures of the limitations of one’s own, acting as a mirror in which the spectator can appreciate the cyclical obsessions of the human beings