Miguel Kuan
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Miguel Kuan is a plastic and sound artist. Through his artistic practice he investigates the impact of technology on the planet and contemporary societies; tracing the presence of the electronic devices, industrial materials, waste technologies and multimedia saturation in urban areas through a research methodology. Through assemblages of materials and objects gathered during his field investigations, he carries out sound machines andvmultimedia installations that integrate sound, material, image and video. As a result of this research method and creation, Kuan’s work involves incisive observations that reflect on the social and environmental consequences of production mass industrial and consumerism.

Kuan builds gadgets that integrate obsolete devices, scrap, single-use plastics, video and sound. Doing an analysis and a revision of the uncritical acceptance of the uninterrupted and growing production, consequent of the exacerbated consumption in the contemporary world. Kuan’s work has been exhibited in the Stenersen Museum (Oslo, Norway), the Passerelle Center d’art Contemporain (Brest, France), Paço da Liberdade (Curitiba, Brazil), and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá, among others.