Michael Chapman
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Originally from the state of Virginia, Michael Chapman is a postwar contemporary artist who has become well-known for his realistics images of daily life filled with dream-like sensations. Chapman has also almost become synonymous with the world of Edward Hopper due to their striking similarities. Both of their works really explore the suggested narratives found within their seemingly mundane, everyday scenes. In Chapman’s works, he consistently shows scenes of a car, gas station, the beach, trains, dinners, all where they could suggest to the viewer that it all belongs in their own imagination. Chapman is also showing a very idealized, yet at the same time ambivalent, americanah. 

Chapman has been able to create his own language in which he interprets the world around him- mainly the relationship between the perceptions of reality and mutability. For the artist, this relationship is one that plays off each other, building and blending sometimes in order to create his own reality. Chapman has work in Arcadia Contemporary, George Billis Gallery, and has participated in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and Connecticut.