Eva Alonso
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“Because it is a pleasure to represent the lowest instincts hidden in their contradictions, naivety, religion and violence” with this phrase Eva Alonso presents her work. An exercise that transforms drawing and painting into a fast, almost frenetic action, which aims to catch the tense energy of the characters and materialize their stretched smile.

Her earliest influences are probably in her father’s 1970s and 1980s comic book collections. Magazines such as Totem, El Víbora or Creepy and cartoonists of the stature of Moebius or Robert Crumb were present during her childhood and adolescence, feeding a visual language that she has preserved throughout her life. A style that has mutated throughout her career, progressively drawing closer to an increasingly puerile, spontaneous method of creation, which allows her freedom of movement, a naïve maneuver confronted with the sarcasm of its content.