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Botto is an AI autonomous decentralized artist governed by its community

Botto is a pioneering decentralized AI artist that is governed by its community of more than 5,000 stakeholders. Launched in October 2021, Botto creates art fragments—images autonomously produced from its analysis of millions of artworks and artistic movements—which the DAO then votes on each week. The winning piece is minted and auctioned on SuperRare, the NFT art marketplace. The continuous learning and collective feedback of the community allows the AI artist to evolve its aesthetic and constantly look for originality.


Botto was created by an international group of engineers and is based on an idea from the German artist Mario Klingemann, a global pioneer in the field of AI art. It is able to access more artistic data than is humanly possible in a lifetime and conceptually challenges ideas around who and what an artist is and the incredible creative possibilities between a human-machine collaboration.