Grip Face

Street artist, illustrator and painter, Grip Face (David Oliver) fuses pop surrealism with a distinctly urban vibe. From works on paper to larger-scale interventions in public spaces, this emerging Spanish artist portrays the ever-changing present with a dynamic blend of observation, colour and humour.

Born in Palma de Mallorca, Grip Face trained in drawing and classical painting, and was creating street art from his early teens. He experimented with graffiti, soon developing a preference for mural work and pictorial forms, and set up the street art collective Sua Rua in 2011. The group’s creations were featured at the Ses Voltes Centre for Contemporary Art in 2013.

Working across a range of media, Grip Face channels an eclectic mix of interests and influences into his projects. In Doors Without a Destination, abandoned doorways receive colourful makeovers, while Black Faces sees the artist’s reflections on the human condition translated into a range of portraits. Grip Face has hosted solo exhibitions in Spain and his street art can be seen in cities such as Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Naples.